Ultimo Shorts are a series of one-shot and reoccuring shorts that will air after The New Action League line "To Be Continued." The show's creator Logan Mitch (aka Gumball1995) has already planned at least three shorts to premiere on Ultimo Shorts.


There are at least three shorts that will premiere in the first instulment of Ultimo Shorts:

  • Shoe's Business - This shorts follows the adventure of shoes as they look over their sock selling business.
  • Death to the Ugly - A short similiar to Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. This short followes the adventures of Jimmy, who just wants to meet someone like him.
  • Salute My Pants - This short, also based on a short-lived show, follows a group of campers who try to annoy the heck out of their camp leader, Mr. Stu Pid.


  • Ultimo Shorts was inspired by KaBLam's way of showing random cartoons.
  • Ultimo Shorts was originally supposed to be called Ultimo Cartoons, but the word shorts was ultimetly picked in a vote.
  • Salute My Pants was actually a winner of the local Name Your Cartoon! contest held at Mitch's neighboorhood.

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