The New Action League is a MySpace show that was created by Logan Mitch (aka Gumball1995). The series unofficially premiered on July 2 in a local neighboorhood-only trailer was shown. The show is a spin-off of the short-lived show Action League Now!, which itself was a spin-off of the Nickelodeon show KaBLam.


The show was originally featured to be an outside movie clip that would premiere in Mitch's neighboorhood, but now has been slated to premiere on MySpace with the episode Stinky and The Beast. The show's budget is anything Mitch and his co-workers could find. The show will not use chuckimation, unlike Action League Now!, but will use animation similiar to other spin-off of cartoon series shown on Youtube.

Production TeamEdit

  • Howard "Dusk" - Producer, camera-man
  • Rob Willi - Producer, voice actor


  • The show will feature KaBLam-styled shorts after the "To Be Continued" line. To learn more on these shorts, go to Ultimo Shorts.
  • If the show is popular enough, Mitch will begin his other series entitled Meltman Ventures In!, which will focuse on Meltman's adventures will the Action League is fighting evil.

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